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Unparalleled Benefits!

STEP 1Use Our Products

STEP 2Tell Your Friends

STEP 3Get FREE FULL-SIZED Supplements!

At Humanix Nutritionals, we consider nothing more important than providing our customers with the best experience possible.
It’s truly fulfilling seeing our valued customers using our products, with great success, and sharing their positive results with us,
friends, and family. With HUMANIXRewards, we have fashioned a referral program where you could earn hundreds of dollars
per month in FREE FULL-SIZED supplements simply by sharing with others about your success with our products, and telling them
where they can order. HUMANIXRewards is undeniably the most rewarding, user friendly customer loyalty program in the entire
supplement industry; take advantage of it today and start filling your shelves with the best products on the market, free of cost!


How do I enroll in Humanix Rewards?

Create an account or make a purchase at www.myhumanix.com. Once you’ve completed either of these steps, you will be enrolled in the program. Once enrolled, you’ll receive a 4-digit ID as well as a URL link.

So, I don’t have to purchase anything before becoming a Rewards Member?

That is correct; no initial purchase is required to become a member and earn rewards.

How do I earn rewards, and how is it tracked?

We automatically track your rewards credits for each qualifying referral purchase. Each qualified referral amounts to (1) referral credit towards your rewards.

What are the benefits of obtaining rewards credits?

After three qualifying referral purchases have been made using your reference ID (from friends, family, etc.) you will receive a coupon code for (1) FREE full sized supplement!

What is a qualifying referral purchase?

A qualifying referral purchase is a unique, first-time transaction in which a NEW customer purchasing any product or products enters your 4 digit ID or URL link in the designated “referral code” box at check-out from www.myhumanix.com .

Which products are approved for qualifying referral purchases?

All full-sized supplements are applicable to the program. However, the following products are excluded and not Humanix Rewards eligible: Armour Balm and all Men & Women’s apparel.

Can I use my rewards credits for a cash equivalent?

No; all rewards earned through our program may ONLY be redeemed for Humanix products.

After earning (3) rewards credits, how do I receive my reward (free product)?

First, you will receive an e-mail notification and a free product coupon code within your Humanix customer dashboard. Once you choose your desired product, you will be asked to “add to cart” or “proceed to checkout”. Once you’ve clicked on “checkout”, you’ll be asked to include your coupon code before proceeding to the next checkout page.

Are there any shipping costs when redeeming the free product?

There are no shipping costs when redeeming the free product. When we say it’s FREE, it’s truly FREE.

Do you share my personal information with anyone, including transaction history?

We do not share any of your personal information with third parties, except to the extent necessary to conduct services. Your information is used solely for administering the benefits of Humanix Rewards. Humanix Nutritionals does not sell, license, or rent any customer information.

Is there a limit to how many qualified referral purchases are made through my account/rewards credits earned under my ID?

You may refer as many new customers as you like, there are no restrictions whatsoever. Rewards credits accumulate until they are used, or until they have matured (1) year without redemption. Once you’ve reached three rewards credits (amounting to a free product coupon code), your credits will continue to add up, however a new free product coupon code will not generate until your first coupon is used.

If I earn a free rewards coupon but choose to wait on redemption, yet additional qualifying referral purchases come through my account, what happens then?

Once you have three qualifying purchases the system will automatically generate a free product coupon code to be used on any Humanix product. If you choose to wait on redemption and additional qualifying referral purchases come through your rewards account, those purchases will remain tracked and logged but any future coupon codes will not be generated until the previous free coupon code is redeemed at our online-store.

How can I track my referral activity?

You can keep track of all your qualifying referral purchases within your Humanix customer dashboard.

Will I be notified when orders are made using my rewards ID or tracking URL?

Each time a qualifying referral purchase is made we will notify you via e-mail as well as in your Humanix online customer dashboard. Once you reach (3) qualifying referral purchases, a “free product coupon” code will be generated and you’ll be notified.

Will I be notified when orders are made using my rewards ID or tracking URL?

Each time a qualifying referral purchase is made we will notify you via e-mail as well as in your Humanix online customer dashboard. Once you reach (3) qualifying referral purchases, a “free product coupon” code will be generated and you’ll be notified.

Can I earn rewards for repeat customer purchases?

Repeat orders are not rewards eligible, only first-time transactions from new Humanix customers qualify.

Can my rewards be transferred?

Rewards may not be transferred from member to member.

Should I call to redeem my rewards or place the order online?

Placing your order online by using your rewards ID remains the best/easiest option. However, should you have any questions related to the Humanix Rewards program, you can call us anytime and we will assist you.

When do my rewards expire?

Rewards expire (1) year, or 365 days from the date your coupon was issued. After (1) year, all unused free product coupon codes will be voided.

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Humanix NutritionalsTM
Monthly Subscription Program

Never run out of product again. Now you can benefit from the convenience of having Humanix products sent to your home with our monthly auto-ship program. Once enrolled you’ll enjoy a 20% discount on not only your initial order, but on all future orders as well. Shipping is included on all orders of $75 and above.

No Contracts, No Minimums, Cancel Anytime.


How does the Humanix subscription work?

Our monthly program is a simple, hands off way to automatically receive your Humanix products every month. We will ship you new product each month on the day in which you originally placed your order. For example, if you placed your originating subscription order on the 17th, each ensuing 17th we will bill your credit or debit card on file (or other method of payment used) for that initial purchase price, and send the products that were on your original order.

How do I join the program?

Joining is easy. While browsing any of our product pages within our online store at www.humanix.com, you’ll be given the option of a one-time order or subscription; the choice is yours. You are never beholden to join our program in order to use Humanix products, nor are there any time commitments when you do join. We offer this program as an easy way for loyal customers to receive product each month, while realizing generous savings and convenience.

How do I control my subscription?

You’ll always have total control over your subscription. By logging into your Humanix account dashboard and then accessing the orders section, you may cancel at any time*. Changes to your subscription must be made *at least 24 hours* before your next billing date. For your convenience, you may also e-mail us at support@myhumanix.com to discontinue your subscription. Be sure to include your full-name, shipping, and e-mail addresses associated with your account, and the type of product(s) ordered. You can also call us 888.426.6064 during regular office hours.

Can I pause my subscription?

Should you need to cancel your subscription for any reason at any time, you may do so by accessing your account dashboard and simply clicking the “cancel” option on your open order screen; there is no pause option. However, to again initiate subscription services, simply return to the site, place a new order, and make sure you choose the subscription option (and not one-time order). You’ll then immediately be enrolled back into our program and the 20% savings will apply both to the current and all future orders while enrolled.

Do you send monthly reminders?

Yes, our system will send a subscription renewal e-mail reminder 48 hours prior to your order being billed and shipped. For your ease, we can also send you a reminder via Text/SMS if you have consented to Humanix sending you such automated communications. You will be given the option to receive Text/SMS mobile alerts during your initial check-out as well as in the account setup process.

How do I make changes to my subscription?

You may update your account information at any time up to 24 hours prior to your subscription renewing. This includes changes to your billing address, account contact, e-mail address, and billing information. Please remember that it may take up to 24 hours for any account modifications to be updated in our system.

Can I place an order on monthly subscription with a coupon?

Absolutely, any valid (non-rewards) Humanix coupon can be used. The greater of the two (subscription discount vs regular coupon) will be applied. For example; if you received a “25% off your first order with Humanix” coupon and since that offer is the greater than your initial subscription discount of 20%, you would receive 25% off your first order on subscription and then 20% off each month you remain active in our program.

Can I apply earned credits (a FREE product coupon) from Humanix Rewards?

Unfortunately, any rewards earned through our Humanix Rewards Program are separate from subscriptions. For example; you earn a FREE product through our rewards program and wish to apply those credits to your first subscription order. You would not be able to apply that reward to your first order on subscription and would be required to choose one-time order only.

What happens if I forget to cancel at any time, and product is shipped?

Humanix monthly subscription orders fall inside our Terms of Use, Section 7. As long as you inform us in writing via e-mail at support@myhumanix.com, and the product you’re returning is unopened or damaged, you will receive a full refund. Upon receiving the item at our facility, the package will be inspected by our staff and once approved, a confirmation e-mail from our support team will be forwarded to you and a credit will then be issued.

What types of payments are accepted for subscription orders?

All subscriptions require a valid credit or debit card for payment. Alternative payment forms, such as PayPal, may also be used. Please see additional details for a comprehensive list of all accepted payment forms.

What happens if my credit or debit card doesn’t work when my subscription renews?

Our automatic billing system will attempt to re-bill your account once a day, consecutively for three days. If we are unable to renew your monthly order, your subscription will then be cancelled. However, by simply placing another order along with initiating a new monthly subscription, you’ll once again be eligible to realize the savings associated with the program.

New Account Setup